JC Walsh & Sons Ltd.

Irish Collection Tea Set


■ Set of 3 carefully selected Irish teas including breakfast tea, afternoon tea, and pure green tea; the breakfast and afternoon teas contain black tea
■ Each type of tea comes in its own tin that can be reused for future storage or kept as a souvenir from Ireland
■ These vintage-looking canisters are crafted of metal, providing protection from all the factors that can degrade the quality of the tea
■ The tins measure approximately 2.55 inches x 1.57 inches; the breakfast tea and the green tea each contain 8 tea bags, whereas the afternoon Tea contains 20g of loose leaves


Our mini set of tea pays homage to the Irish strong, refined teas. This set is made of 3 tins containing carefully selected breakfast, afternoon, and pure green teas. These Irish teas can be enjoyed on their own or as a great addition to snacks or meals - either way, each cup of tea will provide an unforgettable and tasteful experience. Each tea is beautifully packaged in its own metallic canister that features useful tips and recipes. Being made of metal, the canisters protect the teas from all the external factors that could degrade their quality. Apart from their great practicality, the canisters can be reused for future storage or kept as an Irish souvenir.
The tins are approximately 2.55 inches by 1.57 inches in size.The morning tea and green tea each contain 8 tea bags, while the afternoon tea contains 20g of loose leaves.
No matter whether you give this mini set of Irish teas as a gift or buy it for yourself, it will transform a simple tea-drinking moment into a delightful experience.