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Scottish Emblems Single Tea Towel


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■ Our Scottish Emblems Single Tea Towel and pot holder make wonderful gifts to offer alongside any of the fine products from Royal Tara.

■ Each towel includes four very important symbols of Scottish national identity: the High Cross, bagpipes, the thistle, and the Rampant Lion.

■ Great for everyday use, both the towel and potholder are made from 100% cotton and will hold up for many years!

■ Our Scottish Emblems Single Tea Towel is the same as any standard tea towel: 75 centimeters long, and 50 centimeters wide.

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Our beautifully-made Scottish Emblems Single Tea Towel and potholder set from Royal Tara is a true, authentic tribute to Scotland. The towel and potholder each include brilliant recreations of famous Scottish national emblems, including the High Cross, the Scotsman with bagpipes, the Royal Arms of Scotland, the thistle, and the floral emblem of Scotland. Made from 100% cotton, our tea towel will fit perfectly into any kitchen and is useful for any ordinary kitchen tasks, guaranteeing it will become an absolute treasure in your home or that of a family or friend. With a very low price point and free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States, this towel makes an excellent gift for any Scotsmen in your life who might be in need of a little Celtic cheer. You will receive your towel promptly, ensuring you'll receive it just in time to give to that special someone or for your next gathering at your own home. The rich colors and historical imagery will add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen or dining room, as well as reveal your love and appreciation for the Scots.

Steeped in history and culture, our Scottish Emblems Single Tea Towel includes four very important national symbols of the country, each of which are bordered in a Celtic knot-like design comprising rich, vibrant colors of gold, crimson, blue, and green. The Scottish High Cross featured in the top left corner of our towel is similar to those seen scattered across the countryside's monastic settlements and cemeteries, first appearing in the 8th and 9th centuries. Next we have an image of a proud Scot playing his Great Highland bagpipes, the best known and recognizable bagpipes around the world. Any anglophile will immediately recognized the 13th century image of the Rampant Lion from the Royal Banner of Scotland. Last but not least we have the Scottish thistle, a national symbol of courage, bravery, and loyalty and is the official symbol of Scotland’s ancient chivalric order known as “The Order of the Thistle.” Each of these symbols plays an extremely important role in Scotland’s history and culture, and we are very excited by the chance to offer this towel among the many other fine products we have partnered with from Royal Tara.

Headquartered in Galway, Ireland's "City of the Tribes," Royal Tara has remained one of Ireland's most revered producers of fine bone china, gift ware, and other items that pay homage to Celtic traditions. Not one does our Scottish Emblems Single Tea Towel make a great gift on its own, it is also an ideal partner gift to any of the exquisite items we offer from Royal Tara as well. These could include any of the cups, plates, or platters, or you could give a towel alongside a hanging cross or other decorative item. However you choose, there's no question the receiver of this wonderful towel will treasure it for always, and we are so glad to offer it as part of our selection from Royal Tara. The item's size is the same as any standard tea towel: 75 centimeters long, and 50 centimeters wide. As stated before, this handy little item will no doubt find many uses through the years as it becomes a trusted companion in your home. Don't delay in ordering yours today!