Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen

Irish Linen Reindeer Tea Towels

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■ Set of 2 Christmas Towels made out of linen - absorbent and durable
■ Reindeer patterns in two different styles, showing the Christmas spirit
■ Perfect for a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member
■ Each towel measures 28.3 inches long and 23.2 inches wide

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Decorate for a stylish Christmas celebration with our Irish Linen Reindeer Tea Towels. In this set, there are two towels and they are both made of linen of the highest quality. Our towels are a useful kitchen accessory because linen is a sustainable, soft, and very absorbent material. The towels have a lovely Christmas pattern that will impress any guests. They have two different styles but the same reindeer motif. Each towel is 23.2 inches wide and 28.3 inches long, and it should be hand-washed or cleaned on a soft cycle.