Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen

Irish Linen Christmas Tree Tea Towels


■ Set of two tea towels made of soft, durable, super absorbent, and un-pilling linen
■ The festive designs make the towels just perfect for the holiday table
■ The tea towels measure 28.3” x 23.2”, an excellent size for various kitchen uses
■ The set would make a nice gift for a housewarming, especially in the festive season


It’s nice when everything is festive in the holiday season, even the tea towels that you use. This lovely set of Christmas tea towels is perfect to use all year round but would be particularly nice in the festive season to keep up with the holiday spirit. The tea towels are made of linen, a material that truly excels when it comes to absorbing moisture quickly. It is great for drying the dishes after a Christmas dinner, using it as a cloth napkin for your holiday dinner table, lining your cabinet shelves, and many other things. You can wash the towels in the machine in cool to warm water.