Samuel Lamont

Irish Linen Embroidered Holy Tablecloth


■ Made of durable and absorbent linen, this holly tablecloth is ready to adorn any festive table 
■ The design incorporates dainty floral motifs that add pops of color to the overall look of the tablecloth 
■ This piece measures approximately 36x36", being large enough to be displayed on any table 
■ It is recommended to wash it in cold water on the gentle cycle and finish off with a cold rinse 


Brighten your holiday table with our Irish Linen Embroidered Holy Tablecloth. This charming tablecloth is luxuriously crafted with linen which is a high-quality material that is soft, sturdy, and highly absorbent, making it the perfect table decoration. Its design features eye-catching floral embroidery that adds sparkles of color to the overall look of the cloth. This piece measures approximately 36x36’’, being suitable to adorn any festive table. If you are struggling with Christmas gift ideas, our holy tablecloth makes an unforgettable gift due to the fact that it is both practical and gorgeous. Decorate your table with style using our unique holy tablecloth.