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Cead Mile Failte Mug Set


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■ Give these mugs individually to two different special friends, or give them together as something special to be shared together.

■ Each mug includes intricate designs of richly-colored Celtic knot work, as well as a beautifully-detailed Irish saying in shades of red, blue, green, and off-white.

■ Our Cead Mile Failte Mug Set is made from premium bone china, and is dishwasher friendly. You will own these mugs for the rest of your life!

■ This incredible mug set is made by Royal Tara, one of Ireland’s most popular manufacturers of fine china and special giftware.

■ Each mug holds 400ml/14fl oz


Our beautiful set of Cead Mile Failte Mugs are made from hand-painted bone china and feature one of Ireland’s most beloved and famous sayings: “Cead mile failte,” which means, “A hundred thousand welcomes.” This special Irish greeting is bordered by ancient Celtic Knot patterns and vibrant colors that make this mug a true design treasure, and will undoubtedly invite a closer look from anyone who holds one in their hand.

The intricate, painstaking detail that goes into each piece is a wonder to behold, and your guests will be impressed and at the same time curious about the ancient artwork adorning these wonderful pieces. Make guests in your home feel welcome by serving them drinks using this wonderful Cead Mile Failte Mug Set that are comfortable to hold onto, will hold the perfect amount of warm tea or coffee, and will quickly become your favorite go-to cups in the house. Unlike fine china, bone china uses cow bone ash to give the final product a soft-looking color and translucency not found in fine china. This also helps bring out the wonderful Celtic color pallette in a way that fine china could not. The generous size, large handles, and incredible quality all combine to make a set of mugs that will easily become your everyday favorites. In fact, many customers enjoy these mugs so much they end up buying multiple sets in order to share the Celtic charm with larger groups of friends and family members for special gatherings.

Celtic knotwork has been a popular motif used in architecture, literature, jewelry, and clothing since at least the middle ages, but there is evidence of it traced to centuries prior. The meaning of old knotwork is much more than meets the eye, and as seen in the Book of Kells or the Lindisfarne Gospels, the symbolic meaning has historically been used to glorify the Gospels. As history has progressed however, the meaning or messages contained in knotwork has changed. Today, many pieces exist simply to highlight the intricate nature and beauty of Celtic knotwork in and of itself, letting the complexity and beautiful interwoven patterns stand on their own as a powerful Celtic artistic statement. This can be said for our Cead Mile Failte Mugs, as the vibrant palette of colors wrapped around the mug’s diameter seem to take on a life of their own as the eye follows them around the piece. Looking closer, you’ll notice the heads of different creatures surrounding the cups, telling a strange story that is sure to be a lively conversation starter between you and your friends as you sip from these wonderful mugs.

Headquartered in Galway, Royal Tara has served as one of Ireland's most renowned makers of fine china, gift ware, and related accessories for more than 50 years. Today the company's products are enjoyed in households across the globe, but each item the company ships has its humble roots in Royal Tara's workshop.

Please do not delay in ordering your Cead Mile Failte Mug Set as these items sell quickly and restocking can take some time! They will arrive safe and sound at your door in a beautiful paper box decorated in the same style and motif as your mugs, making it as easy purchase to give as a gift. As with all orders at ShamrockGift, these mugs include free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States, so you will have your set very soon after placing your order!