Royal Tara

Rampant Lion Mug Set of 2


■ The set contains: 2 Rampant Lion mugs, with a capacity of 380 ml
■ Crafted from Premium Bone China, assuring durability
■ Superb design, showcasing the Rampant Lion as asymbol of Scottish Royalty

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Make a charming gift - either for a loved one or for yourself! Our Rampant Lion Mug Set of 2 is the perfect way to display Scottish culture in your own kitchen, but also to get closer to those important to you, as you can drink tea together from your matching mugs.

The material used for crafting the mugs is premium quality, respectively bone China and it assures that you will get to enjoy our products for many years, without the fear of them breaking easily or chopping. The cups have a capacity of 380 ml, meant to be filled with flaming hot tea or any beverage of your choice and shared with a friend or family member.

A spark of Scottish heritage is represented through the exquisite design, portraying the Rampant Lion. This symbol was used throughout history to mark Scottish royalty, making a reference to the attitude of a lion, the king of beasts, standing upright, with its clawed paws outstretched, ready to fight and conquer. The design is enriched with complementary illustrations, in vibrant shades of blue, green and yellow.

Complete your tea set and showcase your Scottish roots by braiding them into your daily rituals, with this delightful set!