Royal Tara

Shamrock Tea Set


■ Our set includes two identical mugs, a teapot, and a teabag holder, all crafted from durable New Bone China, ensuring longevity and a refined appearance
■ The design is decorated with colorful Celtic knots, representing eternity and spiritual rebirth, and the Shamrock, a cherished symbol of love, faith, and hope
■ The teapot holder measures approximately 5.9” in width, while the mugs offer a capacity of 13 fl oz, and the teapot can hold up to 22 fl oz
■ All items in this Irish tea set boast exceptional craftsmanship and profound symbolism, making it an excellent choice as a gift for a loved one


Irish people are known for their love of tea, that's why any Irish home needs a nice tea set. This Shamrock Tea Set is perfect for any Irish home thanks to the eye-catching Irish design. The set is made of 2 mugs, a teapot and a tea bag holder - just what you need to enjoy your favorite tea. They are large enough to enjoy your favorite tea- Teapot holds 650 ml (approx. 22 fl oz), Shamrock Mug holds 380ml (approx. 13 fl oz), Teabag Holder measures approx 5.9 inch in width. The central element of the design is the Shamrock that is designed in the style of old Celtic manuscripts, which gives it a more authentic look. It's a great set to have in your home and also a great gift idea for a fellow tea lover!