Castle Arch Pottery

Handmade Brown Irish Pottery Mug

Was: $39.90
Now: $29.90

■ Our stunning Brown Irish Pottery Mug was carefully formed on the pottery wheel, in a meticulous process that ensures qualitative pieces.
■ The brown tinted mug is designed in a classic shape, with a wide base and a comfortable handle, a deliberate combination of function and style.
■ More than just a functional item, this mug represents a tangible piece of Irish tradition, providing a connection to the cultural practices of Irish people.
■ Measures 4” x 3.5” and holds 10.1 fl. oz., a sleek size that both permits easy storage and can hold a large serving of your favorite beverage, be it coffee or tea.


Our stunning Brown Irish Pottery Mug is the ideal option for completing your collection with a subtle Irish keepsake. This item was carefully constructed on the pottery wheel, in a meticulous process of shaping and molding the clay. The result of this lengthy process is a resistant mug that will withstand daily use. Culminating the creation process, the mug is further coated in a brown glaze that creates multiple variations of brown shades, which gorgeously complement the cream base. The design of this mug is a harmonious blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal. It boasts a classic mug shape secured by a wide base, which was incorporated to offer stability and minimize the chances of accidental tipping. The consideration for functionality is also evident in the inclusion of an easy-to-grip handle for increased comfort. Because it was handmade in Ireland, by owning this mug you’ll enjoy the pride of its origin, the story it tells, and the hands that made it. To top it all off, the mug measures 4” x 3.5” and holds approximately 10.1 fl. oz., being ideally sized for a large serving of your favorite hot cocoa or tea.