Royal Tara

Ireland Plaque

Was: $33.95
Now: $16.98

■ The plate is bronze-plated, a material which makes the plaque unique in design and style and makes it strong
■ The beautiful piece’s design incorporates the use of the intricate Celtic Knotwork, paying homage to the Irish culture

■ The plaque is a product of one of Ireland's most exceptional ornamental excellent china company- Royal Tara

■ The beautiful piece comes in dimensions of 16 cm in length and 16 cm in Width, wide enough to be uniquely displayed in the home

■ The inscription on the plaque is both outstanding and easy to decipher even from a distance.


Plaques or plates come in different shapes, sizes, fashioned out of a variety of material. Many plates come inscribed with unique messages that define and distinguish every piece. The irish people value and appreciate plaques, and are one of the most common artifacts on display in homes. In many instances, plaques come inscribed with Irish Blessings. Irish Blessings are unique and special sayings that serve as a prayer, inspiration, or encouragement. Plaques add life and vibrancy to a home when used for interior decoration. Our lovely Ireland Plaque is a majestic piece of art, the perfect addition to any home for decorative purposes.
The beautiful bronze plate from Royal Tara, one of the most excellent companies of its kind in Ireland, will give any room in your home the perfect balance of elegance, culture, and beauty.
The magnificent Ireland Plaque is a perfect addition to any home setting and uniquely blends with whatever outline and color of any existing home decoration. You can also consider purchasing the lovely plate as a gift to your friends or family for any occasion.
The beauty of the plaque comes in detail given to the design and style in every aspect. The plate comes in bronze plating and features "Ireland” in a beautiful Celtic script surrounded by intricate Celtic Knotwork.
The inclusion of the unique Celtic Knotwork pays homage to the rich and unique Irish culture, religion, and history. The Celtic Knotwork renown patterns that have over the years, been part of the designs of many artifacts in existence in and around Ireland. The use of the models in the plate endears the lovely piece to many Irish people, making it one of the most popular plaques.
Royal Tara is one of the most prestigious firms in Ireland, specializing in the manufacture of exquisite excellent bone china products, inclusive of ornaments and plaques. In existence for decades now, Royal Tara is renown for churning out some of the most outstanding products with ornamental value. The company prides itself in the incorporation of the Irish culture and tradition into their products, the key being the unique and elaborate designs.
The Ireland Plaque is a representation of the genius craftsmanship of the Royal Tara team of dedicated, skilled and highly professional employees. Every little detail of the magnificent piece speaks volumes of the work put in place by the team at Royal Tara.