Royal Tara

Irish Three-Leafed Shamrock Plaque


■ The hanging Irish shamrock gives the plaque a deep connection to the vast Irish traditions and culture
■ The beautiful piece is bronze plated, adding both class, style, and strength to the lovely Irish shamrock plaque

■ The gorgeous plate is shaped, designed, styled, and produced by the prestigious Royal Tara.

■ The design and style of the product is unique and outstanding, giving it a genuine and unique look

■ The plate comes in dimensions of 15cm in length and 15 cm in width, large enough to be displayed in your home.


Plaques, otherwise known as plates, are artistic artifacts usually inscribed with a message in terms of prayer or blessing. Plaques are adequately used for decorative purposes, especially to the people who appreciate and value art and ornaments. In Ireland, plates have been in use for decades now, and are a common feature in many households. The plaques have artistically evolved over the years, and the pieces that are in production are masterpieces to withhold and wonder in awe. In their production, the craftsmen combine several features, inherently artistic impressions with cultural and religious attributes.

Our Irish Three-Leafed Shamrock Plaque encompasses anything and everything you would look for in that ultimate, exquisite and outstanding plate. Give any room in your home a touch of Irish and Celtic charm with our phenomenal and unique Irish Three-Leafed Shamrock Plaque. The marvelous piece will lighten up your home with beauty and love, a result of genius artistic minds. Our majestic plaque can perfectly serve as a genuine and straightforward gift to your friend or family, or you can buy to add to your home collection of outstanding excellent pieces of art.

The plaque comes beaming in a stunning bronze plating and boasts a brilliant, eye-catching design that will have your guests in your home taking second glances. Every little detail of the elegant piece is designed to impress and touch hearts. The plaque takes on the classic shape of a shamrock, the national flower of Ireland. This unique design and style give the magnificent piece a deep link to the vast and prestigious Irish culture and traditions. Inside each of the shamrock's three heart-shaped leaves is a Celtic Trinity Knot, which symbolized three-part connections in nature to Celts like that of land, sea, and sky. The symbolic cultural resemblance is of considerable significance, especially to the Irish people.

The two opposite corners of each Trinity Knot are accented with shamrock flowers themselves, giving the plaque an intricate and festive touch. The design and style of the plate are outstanding and unique. The shamrock is one of the most recognizable and celebrated icons in Ireland and has both religious and cultural connotations. The shamrock is the pride and identity of a nation, a recognized and popular symbol, not only in Ireland but across the globe. The magnificent shamrock plaque is a product of the prestigious Royal Tara, one of the most remarkable and leader in the fine china and giftware.

The company that specializes in exquisite excellent bone china products suitable for tables and giftware has been in operation for over 50 years now, building a name for itself over the years. Royal Tara produces luxury ceramics uniquely designed and painted with some of the most beautiful Celtic designs, notably the Trinity Knots. The Ireland based company is now a brand, with a global market that appreciates and values their genuine products that are a marvel to touch and experience.