Royal Tara

Trinity Knot Bronze Wall Plaque


■ Elegant double Trinity knot design with infinity circle
■ Bronze plated with an antique patina finish
■ A pre-drilled hole at the top for hanging
■ Made in Ireland by Celtic Shadows
■ Measures 15cm x 15cm (approx. 6 in. x 6 in.)


The Trinity knot is among the most significant Irish symbols for its historic and religious meaning. You can display one in your home, or give it as a gift with the Celtic Shadows Trinity Knot Bronze Wall Plaque.

In Irish Catholicism, the Trinity knot symbolizes the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But the symbol itself actually predates the introduction of Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century. For the ancient Celts, the trinity knot, as well as its variant the triple spiral, symbolized the three forms of the natural world — earth, air and water — as well as the three stages of life — life, death and rebirth.

Later, as the symbol compounded meaning through the generations, the addition of an interwoven circle signified the eternal interconnectivity of all things in the universe, spiritual and physical.

Celtic Shadows is based in County Galway and has been producing a wide range of Irish home décor pieces for well over a decade. Their master craftsmen hand make the molds into which is poured the bronze coating and resin base of each of their plated wall plaques. Inspired by Irish design and historic motifs, Celtic Shadows prides itself on creating durable and memorable contemporary Irish gifts.