Traditional Irish Blessing Slainte Bronzed Plaque


■ Bronze-Coated Resin Plaque
■ Irish “Slainte” Blessing
■ Dimensions: 7.5” L x 3.75” W
■ Wild Goose Studio Collection
■ Made in Ireland


Give your home décor some Irish character that also makes guests feel welcome with this Irish Blessing Slainte Bronzed Plaque. This gorgeous plaque is simple in design but beautifully rich in appearance, meaning, and culture. It is handcrafted from resin that is coated in bronze, emitting a mesmerizing glow that will upgrade the look of any room in your home with instant elegance.

Exquisitely carved in authentic Celtic lettering is the word “Slainte,” which is pronounced “SLAN-chƏ” and is Irish Gaelic for “good health.” Also translated as “to your health,” the word “Slainte” is commonly used as a drinking toast at any celebratory or friendly gathering from weddings and holiday parties to simple get-togethers.

Adding more Irish charm to this piece is a delicate shamrock flower engraved above the letter “I.” As the national flower of Ireland, the beloved shamrock has always been a proud symbol of Irish pride and also represents good fortune. Full of history and positive vibes, this plaque is perfect to display in a family room or home bar to set the mood for drinks and fun times with family and friends!