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July Birthstone Pendant

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  • The Pendent is made exclusively from silver and Ruby CZ stone, rare, unique and beautiful materials that give it an outstanding gorgeous look.
  • A favorite and familiar July birthstone present that over and over again is impressive and lovable because of its outstanding quality and style features
  • The pendent is exclusively made in Ireland, encompassing the vibrant Irish style and designs.
  • The pendent has the hallmark quality, a mark that guarantees the highest standards that assure buyers of purchasing genuine products
  • The silver chain, at 18-inches, is a perfect fit around your neck to wear and display it around the collar correctly.


Manufacturer: Solvar Jewelry

July is a summer month known as of exciting fun and energy, so this elegant ruby- the Silver Claddagh July Birthstone Pendent, couldn't be a perfect birthstone for this incredible month. Specially designed and crafted for those lucky few born in July, an ideal gift to gift your friends and loved ones whose birthday falls on this month. A rare, unique and original gift for true, special and valued loved ones. If you have been looking for the perfect surprise birthday present for your loved ones born in July, then please don’t look further, the Silver Claddagh July Birthstone Pendent is the ruby fit for that special someone. This rare and unique ruby is a symbol of love and passion, a fantastic birthday present that your loved ones born in July are going to love. You can even gift yourself this amazing gift, to show yourself appreciation and self-love, especially if you are a July baby! And regardless of whether you have a July birthday, ruby is a beautiful gem that can be worn year-round. Design and style features Carefully crafted, perfectly designed, the ruby is composed of a specially polished molded into a heart shape which forms the base of the necklace which surrounds a ruby-jeweled heart that represents love in the Irish Claddagh. A silver crown sits on top of the heart to signify loyalty between two friends, which are represented by two hands holding the heart. The great significance represented by this ruby shows just why this necklace is so unique and revered by friends and lovers, a perfect birthday present. This gorgeous pendent comes complete with an incredible 18-inch chain to wear it proudly around the neck and showcase this little masterpiece for all to see and admire. Though specially made as a July birthday present, the pendent is not exclusively for birthday’s, but you can buy it as a gift for whatever occasion you see fit, a gift befitting Royalty! The Silver Claddagh July Birthstone pendent is an impressive present to gift your friends and loved ones, especially those born in July. The pendent, though, can still be bought for any occasion. If purchasing from the United States, the product will be delivered in three days at no extra costs to you the buyer. Check out this incredible Birthstone! 

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