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Green Kids Sheep Irish Hat with Pom


■ Adorable Irish hat, made in Ireland, for kids aged 0 to 2 years 
■ Made from 100% Natural Merino Wool, soft and never scratchy, for your baby’s comfort 
■ Cheerful design, combining a deep shade of green with an adorable sheep patch and a pom-pom 
■ Requires occasional hand washing in cold water, with mild soap and flat drying



Give your baby's outfit an extra cute touch with this Green Kids Sheep Irish Hat with a pom pom! This hat is made with 100% natural Merino Wool, being part of the Traditional Craft Collection. Your baby will love the warm Merino wool's feel, which is soft and never scratchy. It is also guaranteed to keep the small one warm and comfortable, allowing breathability.
The vibrant dark green color paired with a cheery, fluffy white sheep on the front will have your baby bringing smiles to everyone he or she sees! This combination is also the embodiment of Irish essence, thus you can bring your newborn close to your heritage. Our design recreates a typical Irish scenery, with fluffy white sheep grazing on endless lush green fields. The pom-pom on top adds an extra adorable touch to the overall design.
This product can be purchased for babies in the range of 0 to 2 years old.