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Is there anything better in the whole wide world than cuddling up in a soft, high-quality cardigan? Try cuddling up in a soft, high-quality cardigan designed by Irish knitwear experts, and then let us know! 

Children’s Aran Cardigans Collection

Here at Shamrock Gift, we’re delighted to present to you the best of the best when it comes to clothing for your little one, and this range of beautiful children’s cardigans is no exception. From bright, vivid colors to adaptable neutrals, and from chunky knits to lightweight weaves, we’ve got pieces that you and the little man or madam in your life will never want to be without again!

Traditional Knit Cardigans for Children

Take, for example, our broad range of children’s cardigans made in the traditional knit patterns of the Aran Islands of Ireland. These cardigans are, at their very heart, steeped in folklore, having first been designed hundreds of years ago by the wives of the island fishermen, to keep their husbands warm and safe while they worked out at sea. Since then, the essence of the Aran cardigan has been infused with that very same sense of security, making it an excellent choice for keeping your little one warm and comfortable, whether they’re at home or on the go!

  • Baby Shepley Hand Knit Cardigan- this stunning Aran knit cardigan features the classic Aran diamond and cable stitches and a lovely sheep detail.

  • Children's Irish Shawl Cardigan- this cute and extra warm cardigan is knit with traditional Aran stitches in a warm oatmeal shade.

  • Baby Wool Winter Cardigan Jacket- this lovely jacket that comes with multicolored buttons is remarkably durable, resisting the wear and tear of washing.

  • Child's Aran Cardigan-  this adorable cardigan illustrates every feature of the last perfect winter baby clothing, for keeping your baby warm, comfortable, and smart in every aspect.

Aran Knitting Patterns

Since they first appeared on the scene, Aran knit cardigans have become a true classic, representing the intricate nature of Irish heritage. And get this: it is believed that each stitch pattern symbolizes something specific to the Aran islanders, making each cardigan serve a unique function depending on its stitching.


The honeycomb stitch, for example, is the symbol of the hardworking bee, and is considered to be a symbol of great luck and prosperity; the diamond is a wish for success, wealth, and treasure that echoes an aerial view of the islands’ beautiful green fields; the cable pattern represents the strong weave of the fisherman's’ ropes, and signifies a wish for safety and good luck in their work; the zig-zag (or half-diamond) stitch is used to evoke the twisting paths of the island cliffs; and the Tree of Life stitch, one of the oldest patterns still in use today, reflects the importance of family, clanship, and expresses the hope for parents that are long-lived and children that are healthy and happy. A great choice, therefore, for the fun-loving tyke in your life!


Irish  Cardigans Made of 100% Merino Wool 

All of our Aran knit cardigans are made from 100% pure merino sheep’s wool from Ireland. This incredible material is as durable and sturdy as it is plush, meaning that no matter how active your little one is, this is one wardrobe staple that’s guaranteed to hold its shape and maintain its color, no matter how many times it’s washed. Merino wool is breathable and boasts the innate ability to wick sweat away from the skin, making it a fantastic choice at any time of the year. Additionally, it’s incredible natural, with minimal human interference in its composition -- which means that it’s sure to be cozy and non-irritating, even against the most sensitive baby skin.

Sound like a dream? Watch your little one don one of our premium-quality Children’s Irish wool cardigans, and you might just think you’ve started counting sheep. Our range includes everything from double-breasted pieces to those with hoods for rainy days -- perfect for the kid on the go. So, what are you waiting for? Cozy is only a click away!

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    Green Shamrock Kids Knit Cardigan

    Our stunning Blue and Green Stripe Card sweater is a fun way to celebrate Irish culture and heritage! What makes this piece indeed special is its eye-catching blue and green striped design with a green tree-leaved shamrock embroidered on the chest, that...

  • Aran Woollen Mills Baby Wool Irish Jacket Sweater A220 Kiwi Green Aran Woollen Mills Baby Wool Irish Jacket Sweater A220 Kiwi Green Aran Woollen Mills Baby Wool Irish Jacket Sweater A220 White Aran Woollen Mills Baby Wool Irish Jacket Sweater A220 White Aran Woollen Mills Baby Wool Irish Jacket Sweater A220 Kiwi Green

    Baby Wool Irish Cardigan Jacket

    Dressing up your baby comfortably, with warm, classic, and stylish clothes throughout is essential for their health and how presentable they will appear. The cold winter season comes with the challenge of keeping our little, gorgeous angels warm and...

  • Child's Aran Cardigan A760 Child's Aran Cardigan A760 Chillipepper Red Child's Aran Cardigan A760 White Front View Child's Aran Cardigan A760 White Back View Child's Aran Cardigan A760 Chillipepper Red Front View

    Child's Aran Cardigan

    Keeping your baby warm from the slithering and biting cold of the winter season is the number one priority of any parent. When your baby is warm, it ensures that they will grow up healthy from the ailments associated with the cold weather. Any parent...

  • T7465 Kids-Irish-Cardigan-With-Shamrock T7465 Kids Irish Cardigan With Shamrock on model

    Kids Irish Knit Cardigan With Shamrock

    Combining comfort with style and functionality, our Jacket for girls is a great choice for dressing your little one in a versatile and cozy manner. Made from acrylic, a soft and comfortable material, our cardigan keeps your little one warm during colder...

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    Child' Child'

    Child's Irish Wool Poncho

    Dress your baby up with beautiful Irish style and tradition with this Child’s Wool Poncho in a beautiful natural color. This sweater is made of 100% Merino wool that will pamper your little one’s skin with luxurious softness and warmth in the...

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    Now: $45.90
  • R7162 Kids Fleece Irish Hoodie

    Kids Fleece Irish Hoodie

    Our bold hoodie is the perfect gift for your little one to daily remind them of their Irish heritage. It is masterfully crafted of fleece polyester, a high-quality material that provides many benefits - it is long-lasting, soft, and warm which makes it a...

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