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Ladies Button Knitted Cardigan


■ Our super soft cardigan is constructed of 100% Soft Merino Wool that keeps you warm without the classic scratchiness of other wools and is made of beautiful gold yarn.
■ Our beautifully constructed Ladies Button Knitted Cardigan contains cable, honeycomb, and basketweave stitching, each a classic example of Aran sweater design, symbolizing the ropes of fishermen, their nets, and the baskets with which they bring in their day’s haul.
■ Irish style pockets accent the front of our versatile cardigan, giving a workman’s like quality to this fashionable sweater.
■ The cardigan is available in sizes XS–XXL without any change to the knit pattern, ensuring complete adherence to the Aran design.
■ Our Aran wool cardigan is made in Ireland by Aran Woollen Mills, based in County Mayo for over 50 years.



A popular bestseller, this lovely golden Ladies Button Knit Cardigan will bring chic sophistication to any look and is destined to become a cold-weather staple in your closet. The beautiful knit patterns of the sweater are highlighted by the thick-gauge wool used to construct it, ensuring both sophistication and comfort. Finished with leather-covered buttons, a classic crew-neck cardigan style, as well as two front pockets for the woman on the go, this sweater is as versatile as it is stunning..

The original Aran sweaters were made in a traditional crew neck design with flat fronts, but this sweater takes the knit patterns of the oldest sweaters and applies them to a distinctly modern style, the cardigan. Originally a piece of men’s formalwear, the cardigan has become a versatile staple of both men’s and women’s wardrobes since the middle of the last century. This sweater references that menswear heritage with the crew neck and front pockets, while its unlined construction makes if a thoroughly feminine piece of outerwear.

The cable, honeycomb, and basketweave patterns are Irish knitwear design classics, and they add a wonderful depth and texture to the sweater. Each pattern holds a special significance to the people of the Aran Islands, who for generations made their living on the sea, whether by fishing or harvesting seaweed. The cable pattern is representative of the ropes of the fishermen and symbolizes the promise of a good catch. The honeycomb pattern is reflective of the hard work of the honeybee and the sweet rewards of labor. The basket design is, perhaps intuitively, representative of the baskets the islanders use to haul up their catch and sell it at the market, also a design that represents the hope of good fortune when it comes time to sell.

Aran sweaters were first worn by the residents of the remote Aran Islands in the west of Ireland in Galway Bay. Long isolated, the islands have little sustenance except what is provided by the sea. They are rugged, stony islands that breed hearty people in need of warmth when the cold Atlantic winds blow in from the west. This distinct style of knitting developed as a way to provide insulation better than a flat sweater, as the air would get trapped in the raised patterns and heat up with the body’s warmth. Since then, the patterns have become emblematic of the rugged beauty of the islands and the Irish more generally.

The Irish cardigan is crafted by Aran Woollen Mills, based in County Mayo since 1965. As one of the oldest knitwear manufacturers in Ireland, Aran Woollen Mills devotes itself to rigorous standards of construction, finish, and design, constantly adapting to the fashions of the day while maintaining a tradition of Aran patterning that it refuses to lose. Each piece is at once a testament to the hearty work of the original hand knitters of Aran sweaters as well as the entrepreneurial spirit of Irish ingenuity and forward-thinking.

Available in sizes XS–XXL, our Ladies Button Knitted Cardigan is perfect as an extra fashionable layer whenever the weather turns cold.