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Ladies Vented Turtle Neck Wool Sweater


■ The chunky cable design of this sweater provides a graceful flow and rich depth that instantly upgrades any look--it easily translates from workplace to weekend and everything else in between.
■ Pockets are usually meant for utility and function, but in this sweater, they also bring elegance with lovely cable rope stitching that will keep your hands warm in style!
■ The elegant braided cable that adorns the v-neck collar lends a sophisticated, polished look to the piece--meant to flatter any neckline, it adds a unique, regal element to this piece.
■ Made of 100% soft merino wool, this v-neck sweater is both warm and soft, the ultimate gold standard in sweaters.
■ The breathtaking design elements and unique interwoven patterns of Aran stitching are sure to make this piece your go-to sweater for all kinds of occasions!



If you’re tired of plain old sweaters and are looking for a new winter piece that is sure to make a statement, look no further than this Ladies Irish V-Neck Wool Sweater. Made of 100% Merino wool, featuring distinctive cable stitching, and a perfect V-neck collar, this piece is a shoo-in to become your new favorite pullover. Not only is it warm and soft, but it is a unique way to flaunt your love for Ireland. Merino Wool Wool fibers have a natural crimp to them that helps to trap more air between them than any other fiber. This dead air trapped between wool fibers acts as a natural insulator that protects against the cold. Additionally, wool fibers do a good job of moving moisture away from the skin, and Merino wool fibers are able to absorb up to 30% of their weight in moisture before feeling wet. Merino wool is extremely soft and warm. While other types of wool have thick fibers, merino is naturally fine and soft. Because traditional wool fibers are thicker, they are less flexible and more likely to jab uncomfortably at the skin--which leads to the notorious “itchy” feeling that many people associate with wool. Merino, on the other hand, with its thinner fibers, is a perfect choice for weaving into garments that sit directly on the skin. The thinner fibers are able to bend and twist more easily than other types of wool, which means that they don’t poke the skin--which also means no uncomfortable itchiness. Aran Stitching The patterns knit into the fabric of this sweater are reminiscent of the Aran stitching found in the Aran Islands in the mouth of Galway Bay. Aran knitting stitches are complex hand-knitted patterns that carry symbolic meaning. These beautiful patterns, created by the fishermen and their families, each represent a different meaning and symbolize an important aspect of life on the Aran Islands. The Cable Stitch is the most frequently found on Aran sweaters and comes in different forms. The plain cable is a reflection of the ropes that the fishermen used in their daily work, a wish for safety and good luck at sea. A plaited cable stitch adds a layer of meaning, as an illustration of how hard work and everyday life are intricately woven together. This elegant sweater weaves together the comfort of merino with the symbolic heritage of the Aran Islands. Pocket details enhance the cozy factor--adorned with small cable ropes and a ridged trip, they offer a mix of elegance and practicality. The v-shaped neckline features a stunning braided cable that frames the décolleté in style, and finer braided cables flank the collar to crossover at the chest, flowing into a large cable rope running down the front as the centerpiece. The intricate details in stitching and pattern make this sweater truly one-of-a-kind, and one you will be proud to wear everywhere you go. Pair it with leggings and boots for a casual look, or with slacks for a chic, dressy outfit!