Women's Irish Aran Wool Lumber Jacket Cardigan Sweater


 ■ The Aran cardigan comes from super-soft, cozy and smooth 100% Merino Wool that provides warmth and with its delicate texture
■ The front leather-wrapped buttons give the cardigan its uniqueness and come out as stylish and classy, making it a standout product
■ The use of the Aran Cable patterns in the style and design of the cardigan sweater gives it a connection to the Irish traditions and cultures.


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Our gorgeous Women's Irish Aran Wool Lumber Jacket Cardigan Sweater matches any lady’s ultimate dream of sophistication, comfort, and style. The perfect thing to liven up a dreary morning, and help you standout throughout your day's engagement, our beautiful cardigan fits the bill among the best winter wears. You can comfortably rock this sweater on top of any outfit, whether casual jeans or atop a flattery official dress.

This button lumber jacket cardigan should be part and parcel of your wardrobe, to comfortably rock that classy and warm look during the cold season. Intricate design and style Our fantastic sleek and classy Irish Aran wool cardigan is a mixture of pure genius and skill in its design and style. This gorgeous piece knitted to perfection is a masterpiece of its standards and class. The sweater is knit using super-soft linen and cotton that gives it a luxurious, smooth, and comfortable touch. The front leather buttons of the beautiful sweater add to its elegance and uniqueness, giving it an exquisite final touch.

The designers have incorporated in the design of the Irish Aran sweater the crewneck collar is a traditional standout look and keeping you warm throughout the cold spells. The manufactures of this marvelous piece considered every little detail, intricately knitting together the fantastic sweater, giving it an impressive finishing that is simply adorable!

The inclusion of the Aran stitching delicately and intricately knit into the sweater is what gives it the unique identity, uniqueness, and that exclusive outstanding look. The Aran patterns have their origin in Ireland, from the Islands sharing the same name. Initially knit into the island's fishermen garments, the Aran models is a design that provides comfort and warmth from the slithering cold weather. The sweater uses distinct and unique traditional Aran patterns in its design and style.