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  • Our Ladies Long Knit Shawl is a perfect item for dressing up or down, from morning to night, from the home to the office!
  • These beautiful shawls are available in sizes from small to XL, and will perfectly complement any shape or body type.
  • Made from 100% pure Merino wool, we promise this shawl will be one of the most comfortable items to grace your wardrobe.
  • The traditional Aran stitching adds an additional layer of genuine Irish authenticity that is guaranteed to turn heads.
  • Don’t forget! We are pleased to offer free three-day shipping anywhere in the United States.


Manufacturer: Aran Crafts

Stay easy and breezy in our Ladies Merino Wool Edge to Edge Long Knit Shawl. Perfect for crisp fall days or any type of sweater weather you encounter, this shawl is knit from 100% Merino wool and comes to us directly from Ireland. Our special shawl is available in sizes small to extra-large and is available in natural, navy blue, or tundra green. Striking vertical patterns of traditional Aran cable and zigzag stitching add a slimming quality to the length and also give the garment a unique layer of sophistication and class to this otherwise already elegant shawl. Spanning the full length of our shawl are moss-stitched lapels that help add to the cool sophistication of the piece, and the patch pockets located on the front of the garment are great for warming up your hands or stashing little items as you go about your day draped in comfort and style.

Truly a versatile shawl, our Merino Wool Edge to Edge Long Knit Shawl will look great with a matching turtleneck top, leggings, and boots that can be worn as a fun day outfit, casual long wear for an evening at home, or a more formal night out on the town. Regardless of the scenario, our beautiful shawl will be your constant companion for years to come, and we promise you won’t want to take it off from the moment you first put it on.

Aran stitching has been an important Irish tradition for many generations, owing to its origins and name at the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland near Galway. The fishing communities nestled along the Emerald Isle’s rocky shores needed something comfortable, durable, and useful that could protect them from the harsh Atlantic wind and waves, and their answer was the Aran stitch. Tightly bound together with hardy wool, families, and clans began stitching their own iterations of the Aran pattern to mark their family name upon the wearer. Eventually, the tradition spread and became an integral part of style in Ireland. The look has endured for over a hundred years and it still enjoys a level of popularity apparent by the number of people craving the quality and usefulness of the timeless Aran stitch. Not only does our Ladies Long Knit Shawl look amazing, but it will also absolutely last you a lifetime, and we owe the visionary fishermen’s wives from those many years ago who were looking for a way to keep their families safe and warm.

And just as use of the Aran stitch has changed little over the decades, so too has the fanatic dedication to the quality of wool used in Aran-style garments. In this case, our Ladies Long Knit Shawl is made from 100% pure Merino wool from Irish flocks. Long treasured for its strength and unprecedented comfort, Merino wool has become one of the most popular types of wool to use in sweaters and shawls, and its production has become perfected by the same master craftspeople who have poured their passion into this same Ladies Long Knit Shawl.

Absolutely do not delay in ordering your shawl today! All orders include free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States, and customers who purchase this shawl will also receive a free Aran scarf with their purchase. Made from the same pure Merino wool and Aran stitching as the shawl, you will not want to miss this exclusive opportunity loaded with extra value! Please order your shawl today before we run out and have to re-stock. Believe us, these sell fast!

Product Features We Adore

Open Design

Unfastened open design lends a chic, relaxed effect!


Lapels with lovely moss stitching add sophisticated texture!

Patch Pockets

Practical patch pockets offer convenience and warmth for the hands!

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