Ladies Stole with Pockets

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  • Made in Ireland by Carraig Donn, a respected Irish retailer that specializes in fashion, so you know you’re getting the highest quality in skilled Irish craftsmanship every time you wear this stunning stole.
  • Crafted from 100% super soft merino wool, our Ladies Stole with Pockets is made from one of the highest quality textiles you can find, and will keep you cozy and warm against the winter chill—all while avoiding the characteristic itch of traditional wool.
  • Distinctive Aran stitching in cable, honeycomb, and basket patterns on the edges weave together a unified piece that hails the long tradition of the Aran Islands and communicates wishes for good fortune, great bounty, and great days ahead.
  • The pockets on our stole are not only pretty, but practical. These are deep enough to safely carry your items with you on the go, and warm enough to protect your hands from the cold, all while looking classy and sophisticated.
  • Available in the classic natural white of the first Aran sweaters and is able to go with just about any wardrobe choice. Measures 12in x 62in.


Manufacturer: Carraig Donn

Our Ladies Stole with Pockets is unlike anything else that you have in your wardrobe. You’ll love the way you look, and you will love the way the ultra soft merino wool feels against your skin.

Super soft and extremely touchable, this gorgeous gilet will quickly become your new favorite. Distinctive Aran stitching provides depth, texture, and movement to the way this vest flows around your body, creating an eye-catching pattern that is sure to be noticed. The mix of basket, cable, and honeycomb stitches creates a unified piece saturated with history and meaning, wishes for good fortune, and stunning visual beauty.

Measuring 12in x 62in, this stole is long enough to wrap around your neck and still have room to spare at the bottom, making the front pockets eminently practical. Whether you layer your gilet over a turtleneck, a t-shirt, or a dress, the final outcome is sure to be an amazing outfit that you will love to wear. Dress it up or dress it down, our stole is the perfect piece to wear around town or to the office.

Deep side pockets are a luxurious detail that you will love. Perfect for carrying all your extra items—your keys, your phone, a lip balm, or an extra handkerchief—as well as keeping your hands warm on chilly days. Everyone loves a good pocket, and these are both practical and beautiful!

Available in soft natural white, our stole is sure to go with just about everything you have in your closet—it will match your neutral outfits just as well as it does your bright colors. Pair it with long sleeves or short sleeves for the ultimate in cozy comfort. Wear it with jeans or leggings for a casual look to run errands in, or use it as a layering cardigan at the office for a polished, professional look.

This would be a thoughtful gift for any friend or loved one who loves being cozy. 100% Merino Wool Merino wool is the gold standard when it comes to textiles. Soft, absorbent, and all-natural, this type of wool is perfect for fabrics and knits that are made into clothing. Merino’s small fibers give it the bend and twist that makes it perfect for all kinds of apparel. The softer nature of merino wool means that it does not poke and scratch at the skin, so you can wear it with confidence—no uncomfortable itchiness. Only soft, luxurious comfort.

Aran stitching is a uniquely Irish artform, born in the Aran Islands at the mouth of Galway Bay. The different knitting stitches that form the different distinct patterns in the wool are inspired by generations of Aran fishermen, their families, and the history of their lives at sea.

Our Ladies Stole with Pockets features traditional cable, basket, and honeycomb stitching, each with their own distinctive meanings. Cable stitches are among the most common in Aran sweaters, symbolizing the fishermen’s ropes and wishes for a bountiful day at sea. The basket designs represent the baskets that fishermen used, and the wish for a big catch. Honeycomb invokes the hard work of the honeybee and signifies the sweet reward of labor. Whether you’re running around town or at work, wear this sweater vest for good luck and a great day! 

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