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SuperSoft Merino Cable Scarf


■ 100% Merino Wool
■ Traditional Aran Stitching
■ Honeycomb Knit Trim
■ Made in Ireland
■ The scarf measures 69 x 8 inches



Winter and fall accessories that protect you from the cold can be functional without sacrificing style, just like this sharp Merino Wool Irish Scarf. This piece is made of 100% luxurious Merino wool that is known for its superior insulating and moisture wicking properties, as well as its rich quality and softness.

Celebrating Irish art and culture, this scarf features authentic Aran stitching that originated from the Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland. Finishing off the neat look of this scarf is finely honeycomb trim at the borders that contrasts with the rich texture of the stitching. Pair this fabulous scarf with a knit hat for a chic look that will have you fall and winter-ready!