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McMurfy Leprechaun Teabag Holder

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  • McMurfy Leprechaun Teabag Holder
  • Cute and Fun Design
  • Great Irish Gift
  • Shamrock Gift Company Collection
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Shamrock Gift Company

Bring the Luck of the Irish to your tea parties with family and friends with this McMurfy Leprechaun Teabag Holder!

This piece is made of white ceramic that is designed in the shape of a tea pot. Featured on the front is a vivid illustration of a leprechaun. He is standing outside on a field of green grass, with a gorgeous rainbow soaring through the sky behind him, with lucky four-leaf clovers floating in the air.

This leprechaun has both of his hands extended in a friendly gesture welcoming you to the Emerald Isle, and he is handsomely dressed in his red pants and bowtie, green vest and jacket, and signature green top hat.

Leprechauns are mischievous creatures in Irish folklore that are known for making shoes and storing gold coins in pots that they cache away at the end of a rainbow.

This teabag holder is perfect not only for adding a decorative touch to your dining table, but also for preventing tea bag stains and keeping your tea parties nice and clean!

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