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Donegal Touring Cap Tweed Blue Herringbone


■ Elegant Celtic Herringbone Pattern in Deep Blue Color
■ 100% Irish Tweed Wool Construction
■ Classic Design, Slim Body with Sewn Down Peak
■ Variety of sizes, suited for any gender



Our beautiful Donegal Touring Cap Tweed in the shade of Herringbone Blue, makes a statement in each and every outfit. Made from luxurious fabrics, it represents the perfect go-to accessory for any occasion, from casual to formal. The cap encapsulates Celtic heritage in a completely authentic way, being handcrafted in Ireland from premium Irish Wool.
This charming accessory is suited for chilly weather and, with the additional taffeta lining, it completes a perfectly tailored look for every outfit. The slim and classic body with the sewn down peak make the product perfectly fit for both feminine and masculine styles.