Mucros Weavers

Eight Piece Tweed Cap Herringbone Blue


■ Made from 100% Irish tweed wool for warmth and lined with 100% cotton for comfort
■ Features a classic 8-panel design which makes it an authentic Irish accessory or gift
■ Made in Ireland by Mucros Weavers, a manufacturer of authentic woven accessories
■ To preserve this stylish hat for a long time, we recommend dry cleaning only



This Irish Newsboy cap has become an iconic part of Ireland's traditional culture. Our newsboy caps was crafted using traditional spinning and weaving techniques to preserve the authenticity of the style. It features a full-bodied 8-panel design with a short brim, a design that was initially meant to protect the weather from cold without blocking their field of vision when delivering newspapers in the cold. The cap was made from wool tweed, a sturdy and durable material. It is lined with quilted cotton to ensure breathability and comfortable wear. This stylish cap would make a great headwear accessory for winter. It’s an authentic piece, which also makes it an excellent gift for those who want to be reminded of their heritage and traditions.