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Mucros Weavers Blue/Grey Patch Flat Cap


■ Peak-Style Patch Flat Cap
■ 100% Wool 
■ Quilted Lining
■ Mucros Weavers Collection
■ Made in Ireland



If you’re ever feeling blue, then you can cheer yourself up by dressing up your look with a “good” kind of blue in this Mucros Weavers Blue and Grey Patch Flat Cap! Made of 100% wool, this hat is just as practical as it is stylish, offering excellent insulation from cold weather, moisture wicking ability that keeps you dry from perspiration or the elements, and durability.

Giving this piece vivid color and movement is an exciting patchwork design that features herringbone and tweed patterns in grey and also striking shades of blue that truly stand out. These blue hues vary from deep navy to a denim-style blue, which make this cap great for pairing with denim button-down shirts and blue or neutral-tone sweaters.

This fresh patch style beautifully complements the classic flat cap frame of this hat, which peaks at the tapered back and slopes toward the front, where it sits on top of the flat brim that adds personality and charm.

Make this dapper hat an everyday accessory that can be worn with both day and night outfits!