Mucros Weavers

Irish Patchwork Kerry Flat Cap


■ An accessory that embodies Irish charm, this flat cap is a must-have in any gentleman’s wardrobe 
■ Made in Ireland, by the Mucros Weavers, a leading manufacturer of Irish wool accessories 
■ Old-school, but timeless style, with an eight-panel design and a short brim; the design resembles the iconic look of the newsboy hats in the 1920s 
■ Handcrafted from 100% Irish wool, guaranteed to maintain warmth and comfort all throughout the day; provided with full interior lining 
■ Care Recommendations: if taken proper care of, this piece will last a lifetime; please dry clean only 



The Irish flat cap is a piece of timeless style that has been a staple in fashion for the past few centuries and emerged again as a trend, also popularized by the famous series “The Peaky Blinders”.
This Irish Patchwork Knit Flat Cap is one of our most charming pieces. It is a flat cap, with an eight-panel design and short brim. The design resembles the look of the newsboy hats, popular in the 1920s. Besides being very chic, this accessory is also a great addition to your outfit when it’s cold outside. Being made of 100% Irish wool, the cap will keep you warm all day long. It is provided with full interior lining for increased comfort and it allows breathability. The high-quality materials and manufacturing process guarantees long-lasting durability. In order to lengthen its life and preserve its best condition, please dry clean it only. If taken proper care of, this piece can last a lifetime. As a final touch, because we want to provide the best experiences for our customers, every single cap we provide is completely handcrafted, meaning that they are unique.