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Vintage Irish Tweed Cap Bright Patchwork


■ This Irish hat is made of high quality tweed wool, guaranteeing to keep you warm and comfortable all day long, making it the perfect accessory for the cold season 
■ Charming Irish Cap, Handcrafted in Donegal, Ireland, where Tweed Wool originated; this hat is a piece of timeless Irish charm, combining functionality with style 
■ Patchwork Design: each hat is unique; No two patterns are the same; The patchwork creates a classic and sophisticated look, yet it is still very versatile, being easy to adapt to many different outfits 
■ Created through a form of traditional Irish sewing that dates back to the early 1900s - this hat will be a heartwarming gift for anyone who is Irish or even just Irish at heart 
■ Care Recommendations: in order to keep this piece in excellent condition, please dry clean it only


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Conceptualized and handcrafted in Ireland, bright patchwork vintage Irish tweed caps are great for those who want an old-school traditional look while blending in a little bit of color to their wardrobe. These specific caps with their bright colors may not be great for the typical business meeting but make great additions to a more festive wardrobe.
These caps are known for their sleek and distinctive style that focuses on the cap being raised in the back and sloping downward to the stud fastener which allows the wearer to adjust the fit. These caps often make great gifts being that they’re all gender and work with most outfits.
Each cap comes in a variety of colors. They’re made from 100% wool and created through an Irish tradition of sewing that dates back to the early 1900s. With a taffeta lining and stud fastener on their peaks, no two caps are exactly alike and represent the century-old manufacturer workers of Ireland who used to wear them while working.