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Vintage Solid Black Irish Tweed Cap


■ Made from 100% Irish tweeds wool of excellent quality 
■ Features a classic and elegant grey herringbone pattern
■ Timeless Vintage Style Tweed Cap Made in Ireland



This classic herringbone tweed cap is going to add character to any outfit. This cap is made from 100% wool and a taffeta lining and these solid materials give the cap warmth, ensuring that it's perfectly suitable for the cold season, and also give it breathability and durability. Combining Irish and Harris Tweeds, this cap is sure to add warmth, quality and a vintage appeal to your wardrobe. But those are not the only reasons why this tweed cap will become your go-to cap. It is also very versatile and stylish. The classic style and the herringbone pattern give it a unique appeal that ensures it goes well with any outfit. Besides, it is unisex, so any lady or gentleman can sport it with confidence!