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Vintage Solid Black Irish Tweed Cap


■ Made of 100% Wool, an ideal material for headwear as it is naturally warm, breathable, and crease-resistant.It is suitable for all weather conditions as it has moisture-wicking properties that regulate body temperature.

■ Features a classic Irish flat cap design but with a modern twist. A more tapered closely fitted shape with a long front brim adds a more contemporary style.

■ Has Quilted Lining that assures more durability and cozines. Adding to the comfort of this accessory is the elastic band in the back.

■ Made in Ireland by Mucros Weavers, a brand that specializes in both contemporary and traditional styles.


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Add character to your outfit with our Vintage Solid Black Irish Tweed Cap. Delicately made from 100% Irish Tweed wool of excellent quality, the Irish Tweed Cap is highly-durable, smooth, and breathable. Being weather-resistant, the tweed provides ample insulation, making the cap the perfect choice for colder seasons. The taffeta lining placed on the inner part combined with the solid materials helps you achieve ultimate comfort and warmth. The classic flat cap design is suitable for both casual and more formal occasions, and the solid gray color gives the cap a unique appeal, making it truly versatile and stylish. Our unisex Vintage Solid Black Tweed Cap matches any style and goes well with any outfit. To keep it in the best condition, it is highly recommended that you hand wash in cool, clean water with a very mild detergent, drying the cloth on a flat surface. Iron only on the inner side through a damp cloth.