Shamrock Badge Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt



■ 100% Cotton: This Irish rugby shirt is made of 100% cotton, known for its comfort, durability, and great heat insulation.  

■ Shamrock and Ireland Design: Alongside the name Ireland shown front-center, the shirt features the Shamrock, a symbol of great religious and cultural importance to the Irish. 

■ Collar and Three-Button Placket: Our shirt offers a prominent cream-colored polo collar with a three-button placket sewn in for an additional touch of vintage style and practicality. 

■ Perfect Irish Gift: This polo shirt can easily be worn both at the pub and the pitch, making it the perfect gift for lovers of Irish culture and rugby enthusiasts. 


Impress all your Rugby lover friends with our Shamrock Badge Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt. Made of 100% Cotton, this shirt will keep you cozy and will last for a long time. Cotton is a natural material that is very breathable, making sure that even after a long round of rugby you’ll remain comfortable.

An Ireland badge proudly sits on the left side, showing off a three-shamrock crest. The Shamrock holds great significance to the Irish, as it ties back to the legends of Saint Patrick. It is believed that he used the three leaves of the shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish. The bold horizontal cream stripe spans the width of the shirt and sleeves, giving off a distinguished look that will certainly turn heads. The prominent cream-colored polo collar pops out, adorned with a three-button placket, so that either buttoned or unbuttoned you look your best. This Irish Polo Shirt also makes for the perfect Irish gift, as it is Official Lansdowne Merchandise, an authentic Irish brand that exudes passion and craftsmanship.

Whether you’re throwing a rugby ball or holding a pint in your hand, you’ll impress everyone with our Shamrock Badge Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt.