Traditional Craft

Bottle Guinness Irish Label Tee-Shirt

$23.50 - $26.99


■ 100% Cotton: This Guinness shirt is made of 100% cotton, a material that is a great heat insulator, durable, moisture-resistant, and comfortable. 

■ Guinness Irish Gaelic Label: Featuring the Guinness official trademark harp logo and Gaelic style lettering, this design stays true to its Irish roots. 

■ Crew Neckline: Tailored with comfort in mind, this shirt boasts a relaxed Crew Neck design. 

■ Perfect Irish Gift: Our Guinness T-Shirt will make a good impression on your beer-lover friend. 



Show off your love for both Irish culture and Guinness beer in style with our Bottle Guinness Irish Label Tee Shirt. A vintage-looking tee with a modern twist, our T-Shirt is a great spin on the classic Guinness shirt.
Made of 100% Cotton, this shirt is a great heat insulator, being moisture-resistant, durable, and comfortable. Written in Gaelic style lettering, the shirt reads “Lionn Dubh Dúbalta” at the top and “Geata Shan Séamais Áth Cliath” at the bottom, which translates to Extra Stout and Saint James’s Gate, Dublin. Our shirt also boasts a comfortable Crew Neckline, specifically tailored for versatility and flexibility.
Our Guinness Shirt makes for an incredible gift, able to win over both enjoyers of beer and lovers of Ireland. This shirt has been manufactured by Traditional Craft in County Kildare, Ireland. To own a piece of Guinness apparel is to own a piece of Irish pop culture.