Harp Breathlite Golf Polo Short Sleeved Shirt


■ Made from 100% Breathlite® Polyester that has excellent moisture-wicking properties

■ Stylish design with a flap collar and a three-button placket that ensure comfort and versatility

■ Features an embroidered Harp logo on the left chest with“Ireland” text underneath

■ The T-shirt is machine washable in warm water, so it can be easily cared for and maintained 



Bring some sporty edge to your business casual style with this Harp Breathlite Golf Polo Short Sleeved Shirt. Designed with a classic polo shirt silhouette, this piece features a classic flap collar and three-button placket that give it a versatile, formal touch that allows it to be worn anywhere. The black base of the shirt wonderfully contrasts with the tan horizontal stripe trim on the shoulders and the tan stripe block across the chest with red piping.

Inside the tan block on the left chest is an embroidered harp with ‘IRELAND’ stitched below, paying tribute to Irish culture. Where this shirt differs from a standard polo shirt is its composition. Made of 100% Breathlite® polyester, this shirt is made of a high-performance, breathable fabric that offers a two-layer moisture management design that will keep you comfortably cool and fresh.

Both modern and professional, this polo shirt is perfect for work attire or for more polished, casual looks.