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Alpaca Wool Irish Men's Scarf - Black


■ High-quality scarf made from 100% Alpaca wool, a type of natural fabric that is synonymous with softness and warmth. 
■ The size of 63” L x 12” W ensures enough coverage to keep you warm and cozy, as well as great versatility when it comes to styling. 
■ Features a 4” long fringe detail that adds a plus of style to the chic design. The deep black color gives the scarf a solemn and elegant look. 
■ The scarf provides excellent warmth and style versatility, making it perfect as an everyday accessory or as a nice gift to someone. 
■ Make sure to dry clean it only to preserve the quality of the material intact. 


There is nothing quite like a warm and cozy cold weather accessory that is also stylish. When it comes to comfort, our gorgeous alpaca wool scarf is truly unbeatable. Alpaca wool is one of the softest and smoothest wool yarns, so wearing this scarf will be a very pleasant experience.

Thanks to the specific properties of the fiber, alpaca wool has a greater thermal capacity than other types of wool which means that it will provide you with a dreamy softness and warmth that no other fabrics can provide. Despite the incredible softness, alpaca wool is one of the sturdiest natural fibers, which means that it is also very durable.

This Irish Alpaca scarf is large enough to be styled in many different ways depending on your preference. It is a wonderfully stylish accessory that you can buy to spoil yourself or to offer as a gift to someone else, particularly someone who loves traveling. If you clean it properly, it will last you a very long time and will become your go-to accessory when the weather turns cold.