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Mens Half-Zip Aran Fisherman Sweater

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  • 100% Pure Merino Wool 
  • Half-zip neck
  • Traditional Aran Island Stitching 
  • Natural and Navy Colors
  • Range of sizes
  • SAOL Collection

With this handsome Aran knit sweater, traditional Irish craftsmanship melds with a fresh new take on an old design.

The stylish ribbed collar can be worn up or down, while the eye-catching tan leather zip pull adds a polished touch.

Both of these features fit in perfectly with the more classic aspects of the Aran sweater: the entire thing is woven from the finest Irish merino wool, prized all over the world for its softness, breathability, ability to hold its shape after washing, and even sweat-wicking qualities.

This sweater also features three iconic stitches native to the Aran Islands, communities in the west of Ireland from whence the Aran sweater itself hails.

The trellis stitch is an analogue to the stone walls of fields all over the Aran Islands; the cable stitch serves as a recreation of the ropes used at sea by the Islands’ fishermen; and the Tree of Life stitch, a kind of fabric-based blessing, bestows a wish for a long and happy life upon the wearer.

Sturdy and comfortable, this sweater makes an incredible gift that will doubtlessly treasured by its owner for years upon years to come.

Softness and Warmth

Made from pure Irish merino wool, this sweater is guaranteed to keep you comfortable and content on even the chilliest of winter days.

Luck of the Irish

The Tree of Life stitch is seen as a symbol of good luck among the people of the Aran Islands, representing a long, fulfilling, and joyful life.

Half-Zip Closure

This sweater features a half zip closure adding practibility, modern style and breathability in the collar!

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