Ladies Multi Cable Wool Irish Cardigan

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  • Our gorgeous Plaited Trellis Cardigan has the classic turtleneck collar that never goes out of style. 
  • Turtleneck collars have been trendy for years; a turtleneck cardigan is a good way to stay warm and fashionable.
  • Our cardigan’s modern three-button detail makes it unique and thus makes you stand out.
  • Our highly durable cardigan is a product of Carraig Donn, one of the best clothing manufacturers in Ireland who craft authentic pieces made purely from merino wool.
  • Our Plaited Trellis Cardigan is a perfect blend of Ireland tradition and modern style and available in sizes small to XX-Large and in Irish Sea, Slate Grey, and Classic Aran colors.


Manufacturer: Carraig Donn

The plaited trellis cardigan keeps you warm and stylish. This cardigan Ireland-made cardigan is a product of Carraig Donn, an Irish manufacturer of clothes, jewelry and giftware since 1965. This family-owned company is popular for its quality handmade sweaters and cardigans made from Irish materials and inspired by Ireland’s landscape and tradition. The plaited Trellis Cardigan is made up of Merino wool, the soft waterproof wool of merino sheep. This wool is not only softer but also thinner compared to other types of wool and for this reason, it is suitable for making clothing. Like in sheep, the fiber in this natural wool insulates your skin by trapping air and hence keeping you warm. On a hot day, these porous fibers will move moisture from your skin and leave you cool. This cardigan is therefore suitable for any season. The plaited trellis cardigan comprises of the trellis and cable patterns, which are among the common Aran patterns used on sweaters. These Aran patterns originate from the Aran Islands on the west side of Ireland’s coast. The island, which is popular for its Aran sweaters and long stone fences, has lived on farming and fishing your many years. Women originally knitted these sweaters out of wool and in symbolic patterns for their fishermen husbands and fathers. These patterns represent different elements and aspects of the Island and its residents. The trellis pattern symbolizes the stone walls in the Island that surround the farmers’ fields and is also a symbol of protection while the cable patterns in this plaited trellis cardigan symbolize fishing ropes. This simple and stylish cardigan incorporates the old and the new. The three single-buttons on its front gives it a contemporary touch while the turtleneck collar, a timeless fashion style, adds elegance. Buttons, which were originally used to fasten two parts of clothing, are now creatively used for decorative purposes on clothes. Many designers today use buttons not only for functionality but to create a stylish and chic look. The beautiful big single-buttons placed on this cardigan upgrade it from a simple, rustic cardigan to a stylish piece that will make you stand out. The turtleneck collar is a classic style that is not only trendy but practical as well. Turtlenecks have been around for centuries and were originally worn by seamen to keep their necks warm. They are still effective today in cold seasons and are also worn as formal and casual wear as well. The plaited trellis cardigan is hence suitable for the cold weather and can also be casual wear in warm weather as well. Since the turtleneck collar is today common among both men and women, this cardigan is fit for both sexes. 

Product Features We Adore

Turtleneck Collar

This stunning collar has a unique three-button detail!

Merino Wool

Making this sweater not only warm & luxurious, but also durable!

Aran Patterns

Fabulous plaited trellis pattern & famous cable pattern!

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