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Shamrock Stein Mug

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  • The Stein Mug comes with a delicate yet unique Stein Glass with a pewter lid that is strong, durable and beautiful
  • The design of the mug encompasses the use of the shamrock, one of Ireland’s iconic symbols with both cultural and religious significance
  • The lovely Stein Mug is a product of one of Ireland’s leading manufactures, Mullingar Pewter, setting standards in utensils production
  • The Stein Mug can hold a considerable amount of beer, at 20 ounces of any beverage, giving you the chance to satisfy your urge
  • The mug is handcrafted, with every little detail considered in the design of the stylish beer mug


Manufacturer: Mullingar Pewter

Storing your beverage needs storage equipment that is strong, durable and will leave the contents in the freshest and most original taste even after some time. For people who love and appreciate love, getting yourself a beverage storage equipment that encompasses unique and outstanding artistic features is the ultimate goal. People all over the globe enjoy and love a beer's taste, and millions of consumers indulge in regular consumption of this tasty drink. Beers come in different flavors, but almost all of the varieties retain that unique beer taste, touch, and feel. Storing your beer is a safe, convenient, and an accessible mug is essential in how you will enjoy your drink. Our Shamrock Stein Mug comes with a combination of all the excellent features of the ultimate equipment to store your beer.
The unique, excellent piece of art allows you to enjoy your favorite beer to the fullest with some Irish charm with our marvelous Shamrock Stein Mug. The mug comes in a unique artistic description, with every ounce and inch representation of an artisan’s perfection.
The beer mug is a product of one of Ireland’s most beautiful, and most remarkable utensils manufacturing company- Mullingar Pewter. The firm artisans are trained in the recreation of the once ancient, yet treasured casting methods with intricate hand-finishing and assembly of delicate utensils. Mullingar Pewter strives to create products that are easy to store, are durable, and has a beautiful warm sheen. The excellent products from the magnificent firm are lead-free, designed to go down over generations. Mullingar Pewter products are not only popular in Ireland but across Europe and the entire world.
The top-quality Shamrock Stein Mug features marvelous handcrafted design and magnificent style that embraces the age-old Irish traditions and culture.
Our beautiful top-of-the-line stein has a 100% pewter lid that can easily open and close with a flick of the thumb. The lovely beer mug magnificently features a lucky shamrock across the front. The shamrock is one of Ireland's most iconic symbols and has a profound cultural and religious significance.
The use of the Irish designs and style endears the lovely beer mug to many people from Ireland. The mug is a common item in many households who enjoy a cold, refreshing beer drink.
The glass tankard holds an incredible 20 ounces of any beverage, but it is especially great for hot toddies! If you are looking to style up, refresh, and enjoy your beer, then consider sipping in style in our amazing Stein glass.
Consider adding this lovely beer mug to your collection of kitchenware to finesse and brighten up your kitchen space. The magnificent piece can also serve as a thoughtful and considerate gift to your friends who enjoy a refreshing beer drink.

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