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Silver Claddagh June Birthstone Ring

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  • Metal: Silver and Alexandrite CZ Stone
  • June Birthstone
  • Claddagh Design
  • Made in Dublin, Ireland

If you're in the market for a piece of jewelry that shows off your Irish culture while celebrating your June birthday, then you can't go wrong with this beautifully crafted Claddagh birthstone ring.

The silver foundation of this ring will flatter any color and look while surviving all types of weather.

The ornate Claddagh is a traditional Irish symbol that stands for love, loyalty, and friendship, and it pairs quite nicely with the June birthstone, the alexandrite. A heart-shaped alexandrite symbolizing love sits in the middle of the ring and is topped with a crown of loyalty. Hands of friendship reach towrds each other to grasp the crowned heart to illustrate the connection of  love, loyalty, and friendship between people.

In addition to being the birthstone of June, the alexandrite gemstone is thought to promote creativity and imagination.

The gem also has a unique chameleon-like nature that allows it to change colors under different types of light. 

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