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St. Kieran's Celtic Cross Ornament

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  • Our St. Kieran’s Celtic Cross Ornament includes some of Ireland’s most renowned and treasured national symbols: the three-leaf shamrock and the Celtic knot.
  • Each of our St. Kieran’s crosses are made entirely by hand at Belleek Pottery, Ireland’s oldest fine china and giftware pottery company.
  • Our crosses make excellent gifts for the spiritual friend or family member who may have a bit of Irish blood in them.
  • These crosses have been erected throughout Ireland for generations, and now is your chance to own one of the very same symbols of Irish history and culture.
  • With free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States, you will receive your St. Kieran’s Celtic Cross Ornament lightning quick and at no cost!


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Named after the first saint thought to have been born in Ireland (some time during the 5th century), Belleek Pottery’s St. Kieran’s Celtic Cross Ornament combines pre-Christian design elements with the religious iconography of the Celtic cross, a uniquely Irish contribution to Catholic art. Our incredible Celtic Cross Ornament is an ideal gift for any occasion, and comes with a green cord attached for ease of hanging and can be displayed proudly anywhere in the home. The ornament itself measures about 3.5” wide and is 5” tall. Its soft natural color accented with the green cord and shamrocks makes it great for placing in any room, regardless of the space’s current color scheme, and will add a beautiful, subtle finishing touch to the area you choose to place it.
The Celtic knot design dates back millennia, and symbolizes eternity as well as the interconnectivity of the universe. The design can be found throughout Celtic history and culture in various paintings, carvings, and other forms of art dating back to ancient pagan times. For many generations, the Celtic knot served as a symbol of interconnectedness between the earth, life, and the universe. After the arrival of St. Patrick in 431 AD, the Celtic knot evolved into a symbol representing the interconnectedness of all creation, thus taking its place in the center of the most important symbol in Christianity itself. Our cross features the same Celtic knot that can be seen on church architecture, headstones, and old illuminated manuscripts, and adding this ornament to your home will give it a historical and cultural connection to Ireland that is truly unique.
The shamrock design is hand painted and reflects yet another of Ireland’s most famous saints, St. Patrick, who used the three leaves connected to a single stem to represent the holy trinity. Unlike the Celtic knot, the shamrock was not a prolific symbol in Ireland predating St. Patrick, but it obviously has since become one of the country’s most iconic and prolific symbols of Irish culture and heritage to date. Today, many Irish men still wear shamrocks in their caps or jacket.
Founded in 1849, Belleek Pottery is the oldest fine china and giftware pottery in Ireland, and has been steadily producing distinguished Parian porcelain since 1863. The company is located in the tiny village of Belleek in County Fermanagh, and is settled in along the banks of the River Erne. Since the company’s founding over 160 years ago, little has changed in how its products are designed, manufactured, and sold. Each item created at Belleek passes through the hands of over a dozen individual artisans who are masters of their craft, each adding their own unique expertise and artistic value. Our St. Kiernan’s Celtic Cross Ornaments are no exception and we are confident you’ll be absolutely blown away by the quality, beauty, and craftsmanship of this piece the moment you lift it from the box.
As one of our more popular items from Belleek Pottery, our St. Kieran’s Celtic Cross Ornament sells quickly so we strongly encourage you to order yours today before we run out of stock entirely and have to wait for a new shipment. With free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States, there is no reason to not order yours today and receive it just in time for the upcoming gift-giving occasion in your life. They make wonderful birthday presents, anniversary gifts, graduation gifts, or christening gifts. If you or a family member or friend are spiritual and have a little Irish blood in their veins, then you must pick up one of our special crosses.

Product Features We Adore

Celtic Knot Embossing

One of Ireland's most recognized artistic patterns

Parian China

Designed to give the appearance of marble sculpture

Hand-Painted Clovers

Ireland's national symbol beautifully added by master artists

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