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Patchwork Green Irish Cardigan

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  • The classic intricate and unique Aran patterns give the sweater a unique, classy touch, making you stand out from the rest. 
  • The sweater is made from 100% Merino Wool, giving it a beautiful, soft and smooth texture that keeps you warm throughout. 
  • The sweater is available in sizes XS to XL, giving you a perfect fit to keep you warm.
  • The sweater's single wooden button is there to keep you stylish, trendy and warm as it gives the sweater an additional fashion statement.


Manufacturer: Aran Crafts

The Patchwork Green Irish Cardigan has, over the years, been rated among the perennial bestsellers in the sweaters category. Its popularity goes deep down than just its colour, or the patchwork, but from the intricate craft that goes into its design as a beautiful Irish wool sweater and its deep Irish cultural ties.

The Aran sweater is a favorite of many people, which makes it a familiar sweater, not only in Ireland, but its popularity is well spread over the globe. The reputation of the sweater is based on its comfortability, ability to insulate you from cold, chilly spells while at the same time retaining its outlandish stylish and trendy look.

Wondering why this sweater is highly sought after and is such a best seller? You will find the answer to this question in its features that make it comfy, stylish, and absolute beauty.
The features include the sweater’s vibrant and outstanding marl green shade which is as Irish as it gets. The green color in the Irish culture has much significance, and the world over, the color is usually associated with Ireland. The color green has a religious connection in Ireland, as the first use of the color as a national flag can be traced back to the green harp flag used by the Irish Catholic Confederation in the nineteenth century. According to the Irish government, the green color, a part of the current national flag, symbolizes the Gaelic socio-politics of Ireland. The Patchwork Green Irish Cardigan, has, therefore, a deeper Irish connection that what one may see on face value.

Another fantastic feature of this women's Irish sweater that makes it stand out is the oversized collar. The collar has one cute button that flatters every neckline that overlaps to attach inside and out, all designed to offer you maximum warmth during the cold season.

The super-soft super-cool Merino wool that the sweater is woven from is as plush and warm as a sheep! The Merino Wool gives the sweater a fine touch texture and crisp feel, a fantastic feature that makes the sweater one of the most popular among many people during the cold season.

The intricate design that comprises of the traditional Aran cable, diamond, and honeycomb pattern makes the seater versatile and fun to wear. The Aran cable design has an Irish touch, as the Aran pattern has been part of the Irish traditions for centuries now.

The sweater also comes in different sizes, from small, medium to large, to perfectly fit you no matter your body size, and keep you warm in the cold period.

Product Features We Adore

Relaxed Draped Collar

Gorgeous and unusual oversized collar, not only fashionable but practicable by keeping out the chill!

One Button Detail

An elegant, eye-catching, single wooden button near the collar of this Cardigan overlaps to attach inside and out!

Aran Patchwork

Combination of traditional Cable, Diamond & Honeycomb patterns crafted from luxurious 100% Soft Merino Wool!

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