Wacky Woollies - Tea Bag Holder

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  • Wacky Woollies Tea Bag Holder
  • Shamrock Gift Company Collection
  • Designed in Ireland
  • Housewarming gift set!
  • Comes in the shape of a tea pot


Manufacturer: Shamrock Gift Company

When you’re sharing exciting moments with dear family and friends at tea parties, you want to keep things clean and neat, and you can do just that with this Wacky Woollies Tea Bag Holder!

This cute little tea bag holder is made of white ceramic and comes in the shape of a tea pot, complete with a handle and stout.

Featured on the body of the holder are some of the fun and lively Wacky Woollies sheep. These sheep include Chatty, the talkative red sheep on the phone, Lucky, the green shamrock-decorated sheep surrounded by lucky horseshoes, Confused, the purple sheep with question marks above his head, Sleepy, the blue and white striped sheep with his eyes closed, Trippy, the sheep adorned with colorful zigzags, Lovable, the yellow sheep, and Crazy, the pink sheep.

This lovely tea bag holder is perfect for holding tea bags once they are removed from mugs and letting them dry before disposal. They also help prevent tea bag stains on tables.

Make this holder part of a thoughtful housewarming gift set!

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