Mucros Weavers

Grey Herringbone Irish Tweed Handbag


■ Crafted in Ireland using high quality tweed that is durable and moisture resistant
■ Chic and sturdy leather detailing that adds luxury to the bag
■ Trendy herringbone design that confers a sense of sophistication
■ Highly functional twist lock closure system
■ Hand wash only in cold water



Add a sparkle of luxury to your daily life with our fashionable Irish bag. This bag is made of superior quality materials such as tweed and leather that are durable, long lasting, and water resistant. Apart from being practical, our piece features the famous herringbone design, which is sophisticated and complex, making the bag eye-catching and unique. The bag has a secure twist lock closure system that is highly functional and easy to use. For the best results, we suggest hand washing in cold water and natural drying. Our herringbone Irish bag should not be missed in any fashion enthusiast’s wardrobe.