Women's Irish Tweed Handbag- Grey Herringbone

Was: $120.90
Now: $89.90

■ Made in Ireland from durable and sturdy tweed wool
■ This charming Irish tweed bag features leather detailing
■ Highly functional and convenient zipper closure system

■Rich in Herringbone detail design that provides sophistication to the look
■ Ideal for everyday wear due to its dimensions and versatility


If you are looking for a bag that compliments any outfit, our versatile Irish bag is the right choice. This charming bag is made of sturdy and durable materials, promising long-lasting wear. Apart from its great resistance, our bag has leather detailing that provides an elegant look. The eye-catching Irish herringbone design adds a sense of sophistication and originality to the bag. The herringbone pattern has become one of the most admired designs in the high-end fashion industry in recent decades. Our bag is ideal for everyday wear not only because of its perfect dimensions but also due to its versatility. We recommend hand washing at low temperatures. Avoid tumble drying. Add opulence and luxury to your wardrobe with our Irish bag.