Diamond Knit Irish Jacket



■ Irish ladies cardigan crafted from 100% Merino wool, a natural and sustainable material with great heat-insulating properties 
■ Authentically designed with traditional Aran diamond, cable, and honeycomb stitches that carry meanings of abundance, good luck, and prosperity, patterns firstly woven by the wives of Irish fishermen 
■ Features a full zip closure, embellished with a encircled Trinity knot, a symbol that represents the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity
■ The high zip neck and ribbed cuffs add extra warmth and ensure this piece can be easily styled and layered according to preference
■ Makes the ideal Irish present for those who wish to celebrate craftsmanship and the knitting heritage of the Emerald Isle



If you wish to add Irish cultural authenticity to your wardrobe look no further than our Diamond Knit Irish Jacket! This exquisite cardigan is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, from 100% Merino wool, a material that is renowned for its heat-insulating properties, ensuring this knitwear piece will keep you warm in colder weather and cool in hotter seasons as it drives away moisture from the skin.
Moreover, Merino wool is a natural and sustainable material, making this cardigan an eco-friendly choice for your style. What makes our cardigan truly unique is its traditional Irish design! The cardigan is woven with Aran stitches such as cable, honeycomb, and diamond, patterns that were firstly knitted into the sweaters of Irish fishermen by their wives as omens of good luck. The cable stitch, alluding to the ropes used by the fishermen on the Irish coastline, are a representation of good fortune at sea. The honeycomb stitch, displayed on the arms of our cardigan is reminiscent of the prolific bee industry of Ireland and pays homage to the hard working nature of the bees, symbolizing prosperity.
Lastly, the diamond stitch represents the farms across the Aran islands and symbolizes prosperity and success. The combination of these wonderfully crafted stitches makes our Aran cardigan a celebration of the Irish way of life, and a must-have for anyone’s wardrobe. The cardigan features a full zip closure, adorned with an encircled Trinity knot, a representation of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. The high zip neck allows you to style the collar as you wish and also adds a touch of warmth. The ribbed cuffs ensure you will remain cozy throughout the cold seasons and offer many layering possibilities.
Our cardigan is an ode to the Irish knitting traditions and exudes excellent craftsmanship, making a timeless, elegant, and culturally authentic addition to any sophisticated lady’s style!