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Cable Cardigan with Collar and Pockets


■ Our Ladies Collared Button Cardigan is an elegant update to a classic Irish knit style with a cabled collar and patch pockets.
■ This beautiful knit comes from Saol, a leading Irish knitwear company that strives to translate traditional Aran designs and patterns into modern styles for 21st-century woman.
■ The entire body of the cardigan is decorated with intricate cabling, and delicate ribbing adorns the waist and wrist cuffs.
■ This 100% Merino wool garment is available in natural white, green, and grey, making it a perfect gift or a wonderful addition to any outfit.
■ Our sweater hits at the hip and comes in sizes XS through XXL. Hand wash only in lukewarm water with mild detergent. Dry flat.



The Irish Cable Knit Cardigan with Collar and Pockets from Saol, a contemporary maker of Irish knits, is a beautiful and elegant example of a classic women Irish sweater. A cream-colored, the cabled sweater is as quintessentially Irish as flat caps, shamrocks, and pints of Guinness. The fisherman sweaters originated in the Aran Islands, where the local fisherman faced wet and cold conditions in their daily work out in the Atlantic Ocean. The islanders began knitting crewneck sweaters made from undyed sheep wool—the wool contained lanolin, an oily substance that made the knits repel water—and decorating them with thick cabled patterns that added extra weight, and thus, warmth. 

Now, no fisherman has to brave the elements in wool alone, and Aran-style sweaters have become a staple in the fashion world. Today’s Irish knits focus on comfort and fit, instead, and this lovely Irish cable cardigan is no exception. Intricate cable designs of varying sizes decorate the body and sleeves. The cabled collar looks elegant when down, but it can also be folded up for extra warmth. The feminine cable knit cardigan is available in natural white, green, or grey, and matching buttons run down the front, making it an excellent layer, open or closed. Need a place to hold your phone or keys? Two small cabled pockets on the garment’s front offer a little extra storage, or a spot to warm up chilled hands.

Knitted from 100% Merino wool that has been pre-washed for luxurious softness. To care for your cardigan, hand wash only, using a mild detergent and lukewarm water. Reshape if needed and dry flat.