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Mucros Weavers Irish Hat Flapper Style Black Wool


■ Mucros Weavers Black Wool Flapper Style Irish Hat
■ Buckled Band Detail
■ Muckross Weavers Collection
■ Designed in Ireland 


If you love the versatility of the color black, especially when it’s paired with fashion styles from the past that have stood the test of time, then this Mucros Weavers Black Wool Flapper Style Irish Hat will make a great addition to your fall and winter accessories. Made of 100% wool, this hat is the protection you need from the harsh fall and winter winds, as it provides superior insulation, breathable comfort, and durability.

The classic black color of this hat beautifully shows off the timeless silhouette of the flapper style hat that was all the rage in the 1920s. Perfectly recreated is the flapper hat’s dome-like bucket base that tapers off in the front with a short brim accented by a band, which is decorated with a silver-toned buckle that contrasts in color and texture with the black wool.

Making this hat even more adaptable is an elasticized band at the back that allows it to fit heads of various sizes with comfort and adjustability. This charming hat can be paired with any color and outfit, and it makes a great holiday gift!