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Mucros Weavers Viscose Pink Scarf


Brighten up a dreary day and warm up cool nights with this dainty Mucros Weavers Viscose Pink Scarf.

This unique scarf is made of a fabric blend that comprises mohair, viscose, wool, and nylon, providing an optimal blend of qualities that include insulation from the cold, moisture-wicking breathability, softness, strength, and durability.

Catching the eye in this piece is a striking red fabric strip design that is wrapped in a mesh of tiny pink circular fabric loops that contrast beautifully with the strips in both texture and color. This vivid design leaves a fringe trim at the borders of the scarf that add some dynamic flow and edginess.

Measuring 67 inches in length and 8 inches in width, this scarf is skillfully crafted by Mucros Weavers at Muckross House in the town of Killarney in County Kerry, Ireland.

Warm enough to wear in the cold but also light enough to wear on warmer days, this scarf can be paired with different types of colors and outfits for a bright, exciting look!