Women's Pull Through Scarf with Pouch Pocket

Was: $54.95
Now: $38.47

■ Our Women’s Pull-Through Scarf with Pouch Pocket is made of Supersoft Merino wool by Aran Woollen Mills.
■ Aran Woollen Mills has been a major producer of Irish knitwear since 1965, and the company prides itself on providing quality Irish designs.
■ Our lovely scarf comes in an eye-catching baby blue, a stunning pastel that adds a touch of freshness to any wintry outfit.
■ Intricately braided knit cables decorate the length of the scarf, and at the end, a muff-style pouch pocket waits to warm up your frozen fingers.
■ This beautiful wrap is sure to become a favorite, so keep it looking its finest by hand-washing it with mild detergent and lukewarm water.


Keep warm and stylish this winter with our Women’s Pull-Through Scarf with Pouch Pocket! Made in Ireland by Aran Woollen Mills, this lovely scarf features traditional Irish knitting patterns that replicates the look of the famous Aran fisherman’s sweater. The iconic garment dates back to the 1890s, when people on Ireland’s west coast and specifically, the Aran Islands, began to knit the now-ubiquitous patterns to keep warm and dry while at sea. Many different patterns decorated the original sweaters, and each was thought to have its own meaning. The patterns also had a practical use—they added bulk, and thus, warmth, to the sweaters. The most famous Aran knit pattern, the cable stitch, was suggested to represent the thick ropes that the fishermen used, and it is intricate cables that cover our beautiful scarf, making it instantly recognizable as a modern take on a classic design.

Traditional Irish sweaters were typically white, made of undyed wool. Today, there is no need for such simplicity if you want a little more color in your life! Our pull-through scarf is a delicate light blue to add a refreshing breath of spring to your cold weather wardrobe. The pouch pocket that adorns the end of the scarf is open on both sides—a perfect design for warming chilly hands. A Merino wool blend ensures this pastel colored beauty is both incredibly warm and luxuriously soft. To keep it looking fresh for winters to come, we recommend hand-washing it in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Gently reshape and lay it flat to dry.