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Women's Three Button Celtic Flared Wool Coat

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  • Our cute Women's Three Button Celtic Flared Wool Coat is worth checking out to help you beat the cold chilly weather and stay stylish. The sweater is available in Classic Aran and Jam Red colors 
  • The sweater comes from the pure Merino wool, a product of Ireland, which has a smooth and soft comfortable texture to keep you warm
  • The traditional Aran stitching in the design and style gives this marvelous sweater a unique Irish connection
  • The three-button side fastening detail gives the fantastic coat a comfortable and warm feeling when you put it on
  • The inclusion of the flap collar provides the sweater with its identity, a guarantee for warmth and offers a stylish, unique look


Manufacturer: Carraig Donn

The cold season always brings with it the challenge of settling on what to wear to rock that sleek, cute, outstanding look, that is comfortable, whether indoors or outdoors. Ladies, especially, are quite considerate on how they look and how other people view them. Selecting and settling on that particular outfit usually, depending on the occasion, and finding an outfit that you can comfortable adorn irrespective of the event is any lady's ultimate dream. If you are looking for an outfit that will help you stay warm and cozy outside in the winter but not at the expense of looking polished and chic, then our three buttoned Women's Three Button Celtic Flared Wool Coat is your go-to outfit. Our cardigan, crafted by the very professional and skilled craftsmen, is stunning in look, comfortable to wear and warm, keeping the cold at bay. A combination of amazing features in the design and style makes this sweater on top of many lady's ultimate winter wear. The coat is a sell-out, a fact mainly due to its unique, outstanding and beautiful features, the best outfit for someone who wants to make a fashion statement! You can choose to comfortably wear this fabulous cardigan every day with both casual and formal looks! The design and style This gorgeous sweater comes from pure and sumptuous Merino wool a product of Ireland. The wool is cozy, smooth, and soft on touch, a texture that provides comfort and warmth from the slithering cold. The design of the sweater and style comes in a longer than average length that will make you feel warm, relaxed, and splendid. Our beautiful cardigan has a prominent flap collar that adds a traditional touch while dressing the coat up with distinction. The side fastening with the three-button detail below the collar is a modern accent paired with the classic feel of this sweater that creates a lovely contrast between the smooth, brown buttons and the chunky knit style of the coat. Aran stitching The design of the sweater uses some of the most intricate, world-acclaimed, and unique patterns-the Aran stitches. The patterns are part and parcel of the Irish heritage, recognized for their uniqueness, durability, and ability to make the clothing comfortable and warm throughout. The Aran stitches define the Irish garment landscape, a treasure trove that has been around for over a century now. Our fabulous cardigan beautifully displays the Aran patterns that include basket stitching and vertical rope braided cable stitching, which brings this piece to life with beautiful texture and volume. 

Product Features We Adore

Flap Collar

Prominent flap collar gives the cardigan a classy feel.

Three-Button Detail

The side-fastening three-button detail lends a modern edge and creates lovely contrast with the cardigan’s chunky knit style

Aran Stitching

Aran basket and cable stitching brings natural beauty and character to the piece

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