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Wool Knit Fairy Tree Throw

Out of stock
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  • 100% Soft Merino Wool
  • Traditional Aran Stitching
  • Fairy Tree Design
  • Dimensions: 60” L x 40” W
  • Available in Grey  
  • Aran Crafts Collection
  • Made in Ireland


Manufacturer: Aran Crafts

Create a relaxing and traditionally Irish atmosphere in the comfort of your home with this lovely Wool Knit Fairy Tree Throw.

This blanket is made of pure Merino wool that is soft to the touch.

Spanning a generous 60 inches in length and 40 inches in width, this throw shows off a gorgeous display of traditional Aran stitching, including interlacing cable and roped cable patterns.

These ornate cable designs surround a beautiful fairy tree pattern in the center.

In Irish folklore, a mythical race of people called Milesians came to Ireland and banished its natives to the underground, making the natives “fairy folk” who lived underground or often resided in certain bushes or trees, usually hawthorn trees.

To this day, many Irish believe that trees standing by themselves in the middle of a field or on the roadside are sacred areas for the fairy folk, also called the “wee folk.”

Many Irish believe that such trees should never be cut down for fear of bad luck being brought upon whoever cuts it.

This cozy throw is perfect for the family room or any bedroom in your home.

It also makes a great pair with the matching fairy tree pillow!

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