Army Green Men's Single Button Shawl Collar Aran Sweater


■ Knitted with 100% Merino Wool, the finest woolen material that promises warmth, comfort, and durability 
■ Unique Aran stitches such as cable, rope, and diamond designs that add a sense of sophistication and cultural identity to the sweater 
■ Adjustable shawl neckline and one wooden football button that combine style with utility 


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As the cold season is approaching, we all start to crave coziness and comfort. Our charming Army Green Men's Single Button Shawl Collar Aran Sweater is the perfect embodiment of that, with an additional touch of Irish spirit!

This charming piece is made of 100% soft Merino Wool, a material which is both warm, but very breathable at the same time, guaranteeing all day comfort. Merino Wool is naturally odor resistant, but it still requires occasional washing. In order to take the best care of your sweater, we recommend only washing it in cold water, with mild soap and drying it flat only.

Our design is inspired by the traditional Irish Aran Sweater, a very representative symbol of both Irish history and culture. The sweaters were firstly knitted on the Aran Islands, during the 19th century, as fishermen sweaters, created to protect them from the unforgiving winters. Our charming design is knitted with a diamond patch, representing prosperity and success.

The sweater comes in a timeless, old-age design, with a high, single-button collar that provides extra warmth.